The Exotic Garden by Will Giles - Norwich, Norfolk - Sub Tropical Garden and amazing exotic plants - UK

A subtropical garden in a temperate climate

Will Giles has had a passion for plants of a tropical nature since he was a small boy, a passion that has grown dramatically over the past 25 years at his home in Norwich - aptly named The Exotic Garden.

The Exotic Garden

Here, he has experimented with plants from the extremely hardy to the ludicrously tender, endeavouring to find a balance of plants that grow well in his one acre microclimate and fit into his ideal of a lush sub-tropical setting.

Will has developed a wondrous paradise for himself and the many visitors that flock to the garden during the summer months. Unlike many other gardens, this haven of fantasy has been crafted by Will and voluntary helpers, on the smallest of budgets, using reclaimed materials where possible and a lot of hard work. This is a hands on creation, giving the Exotic Garden a very personal identity - that of a true artist at work.

Will Giles has written a lavish new book entitled ‘The Encyclopedia of Exotic Plants For Temperate Climates’. To purchase a copy, click here. He also hosts tours to exotic climates - for more information about up and coming tours click here. Excellent article about the garden here.